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Let’s be honest. Favicon Consulting is a one man band. The name makes us look bigger than we really are, but hey, that’s marketing. My name is Kirk Evans, your “go-to” guy for growing your business. I have 25 years experience in all facets of strategic marketing. For 10 years I worked at ad agencies in Boston prior to moving to Upstate New York and took a position with Trainor Associates for another 11 years before going out on my own specializing in Strategic Marketing, Copywriting and Social Media.

I believe in “moving the needle” for my clients. If it is not measurable and can show a return on investment, I won’t recommend it. I measure success not by the size of my billings, but by the outcomes my recommended programs generate.

On a personal note, don’t let my sarcasm and wit put you off. Its just my way. You’ll probably find yourself saying “I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not..."

“Working directly with Kirk, he was the most innovative, dynamic and creative professionals I have met. He is always creating new ideas and has great insight for finding the next big thing in advertising, social media and marketing. He is a fun, outgoing and positive person to work with and always gets the job done.”
- Nonny Diana Saint-Claire

“I worked with Kirk when he was the Account Director at our agency-of-record when I was the Director of Marketing at SBLI USA Life Insurance Company. I found Kirk to be an expert in all things related to advertising including media, strategy, graphics, writing and final production. Kirk's team developed a national DRTV, radio and print campaign that increased our leads over 60% in a year's time. Just as important, I found Kirk easy to work with, especially in stressful situations, and a person who always delivered an exceptional product on time to meet our goals.”
- Lew Klein, SBLI USA

“Kirk is the consummate professional. He really knows his stuff but he never loses his cool or his ability to relate and communicate effectively. He also possesses a rare quality in this world, namely.. a wry, witty and judiciously applied sense of humor. After ten years in tandem, I know of what I speak.”
- Krista Dunn, Trainor Associates

“Kirk brings a unique blend of technical expertise and people skills to his work. As a consummate professional, he adds value to everyone he does business with.
Rick Green, Vice-President of PJ Green

“Kirk's professionalism and keen insight into today's market make him the best choice for any business, organization, or campaign committee looking to reach its' target audience with an effective message. The bottom line is that Kirk gets results!”
- Gerorge Shaheen, President, Georges Gym Equipment