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What is a Favicon?

In webspeak (which is a pompous Orwellian doublespeak way of saying online jargon), it is an HTML icon used in the address bar of a web browser. Go ahead, take a look, it is just to the left of the web address of the page you are on. Usually it is a tiny representation of a logo, or just a letter or a badly executed emoji. In short it is a “Favorites Icon” or a favicon. “Cool” you say, “what does that have to do with your business?”

Nothing. Other than what I do (besides snarky sarcasm) usually uses a computer which is often times online. Plus its catchy, the domain name was available and it makes a nice ice breaker at business functions when you exchange business cards and realize that you have absolutely nothing in common with the person you are sharing the bathroom line with and need something to talk about.

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How big is Favicon Consulting?

Five foot nine and chubby, but a work in progress. If you include our other division, Favicon Social Media, then our total employees still adds up to one.

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Are you deliberately trying not to get our business?

Was that a rhetorical question? I’m going to assume its not. The answer is quite the opposite, I would love your business if I believe in it. In order to be successful at sales and marketing, nothing is more important than believing in your product. Further, understanding who you are working with and developing a strong relationship with your partners is a key component to a successful outcome of any project. The key to any partnership, especially customer to vendor is trust and honesty. If this web page does nothing else, let it be a true reflection of who I am and who you will be working with.

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So you're saying you're honest?

In a word, yes. My wife will tell you that I am a horrible liar. Combine that with my lifelong affliction of being an Eagle Scout, requiring that I follow the Scout law which starts with “A Scout is trustworthy…”. Deception is not in my genetic makeup (neither is height, but that’s another topic). When working on your business, you can trust that any recommendations that I make on your behalf are those that I genuinely feel are in your best interest. If I incur a cost, I do not mark it up, I simply pass it on to you. I received a 15% commission on purchased media. That commission is paid by the station, not you.

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Do you have any references?

I am going to assume you mean from previous clients. Yes. Any of the companies listed under Our Work will be happy to speak with you about my services. I can give you the phone number of a contact person at that organization who has been prepped to say nice things about me, or you can just call them out of the blue and ask anyone in their marketing departments.

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How do you charge?

I can either work on a monthly retainer basis or on a per-project basis. The scope and outline of the project will dictate which method. Estimates are always provided before work begins.

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